Side Entry Agitators For Desulfurization
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Side Entry Agitators For Desulfurization

Use of flue gas desulfurization: mainly prevent the solids setting from the slurry tank and ensure that the slurry can be transported uniformly to the next process.
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Introduction of PT-Belt-Type side-entry mixer:

KEHENG presents its high-efficiency Side Entry Agitators designed for flue gas desulfurization applications. These agitators are engineered to optimize the desulfurization process, helping to prevent solids from settling within the slurry tank and ensuring the uniform transportation of slurry to subsequent processes.

Key Features:

1. Preventing Solids Setting: The Side Entry Agitators play a vital role in flue gas desulfurization by preventing solid particles from settling within the slurry tank. This is essential to maintain the efficiency and effectiveness of the desulfurization process.

2. Enhancing Oxidation: The agitators facilitate the diffusion of oxidized air, promoting the oxidation of calcium sulfite and facilitating the growth of gypsum crystals. This aids in the dissolution of limestone and is crucial for the success of the desulfurization process.

3. Improved Product Quality: Using KEHENG's Side Entry Agitators for desulfurization ensures high product quality, meeting the required standards and specifications. This is vital for industries that rely on efficient desulfurization processes.

4. Versatile Applications: In addition to flue gas desulfurization, these agitators are versatile and can be employed in various other applications, such as wastewater treatment and the paper-making industry.

KEHENG's Side Entry Agitators for desulfurization are designed for industries that require reliable, efficient, and cost-effective solutions for their desulfurization processes. These agitators offer several advantages, including low investment costs, convenient operation, high efficiency, low power consumption, and minimal static electricity generation within the medium.

By preventing solid settling and improving the oxidation process, these agitators enhance the overall desulfurization process, ensuring that industries can effectively meet environmental standards and produce high-quality products. Whether you are in the power generation, paper-making, or wastewater treatment industry, KEHENG's Side Entry Agitators for desulfurization are a dependable choice for your applications.


How is the desulfurization side enter mixer designed for the program?

The desulfurization side enter agitator is different from other mixing equipment. Compared with other mixing equipment, the FGD side entry mixer has its own unique design procedure. Below, let's take a look at it together.

1. When designing the desulfurization side entry agitator, we can select the torque or power requirements of several different speeds according to the existing D/DT value of the user equipment and the customer's requirements for mixing time and stirring degree. Among them, the degree of agitation is limited by the difference in viscosity of the material, the difference in specific gravity, and whether it is not a Newtonian fluid.

2. Select a reasonable impeller installation height and combine the equipment to estimate the approximate agitator shaft length.

3. Estimate reasonable motor power.

4, Refer to the existing performance, such as impeller power consumption, reducer, its output shaft, brackets, etc., select the agitator that can meet the first three requirements.

5. According to the conditions such as the tip speed of the blade tip, determine the most suitable rotation speed, optimize the design, and check and analyze the dynamics and strength of the shafting system according to the determined conditions.

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