Belt Type Side Entering Mixer For Storage Tank
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Belt Type Side Entering Mixer For Storage Tank

Installing a side-entry mixer in the oil tank, is used for mixing oils or other medium and then reach the purpose of harmonization, heat transfer, homogenization and prevention of sediment accumulation.
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Introduction of P-Belt-Type side-entry mixer:

The incorporation of P-Belt-Type Side-Entry Mixers into oil tanks marks a transformative step in optimizing various processes. These mixers play a pivotal role in achieving harmonization, heat transfer, homogenization, and preventing sediment accumulation in oils and other mediums. The utilization of this equipment offers several advantages, including a modest investment, user-friendly operation, high efficiency, low power consumption, and minimal static electricity generation in the medium, ensuring a steadfast guarantee of product quality.

Versatile Applications in Oil Tanks:

P-Belt-Type Side-Entry Mixers exhibit remarkable versatility in their applications across different types of oil tanks, making them indispensable in various industrial settings. These mixers find ideal placements in petroleum tanks, lubricating tanks, fuel oil drums, paraffin tanks, and asphalt tanks (customized for heavy rubber asphalt, basic petroleum bitumen, and A Grade asphalt). Moreover, they prove highly beneficial in storage tanks for additives and other mediums requiring thorough stirring.

Key Benefits of P-Belt-Type Side-Entry Mixers:

  1. Modest Investment: The installation of P-Belt-Type Side-Entry Mixers provides a cost-effective solution with a modest initial investment.

  2. User-Friendly Operation: Designed for ease of use, these mixers ensure convenient operation for operators.

  3. High Efficiency: P-Belt-Type Side-Entry Mixers are recognized for their efficiency in achieving effective mixing within oil tanks.

  4. Low Power Consumption: With an emphasis on energy efficiency, these mixers boast low power consumption during operation.

  5. Static Electricity Control: The design minimizes static electricity generation in the medium, contributing to a safer operating environment.

  6. Quality Assurance: The use of P-Belt-Type Side-Entry Mixers guarantees product quality by ensuring uniformity and consistency in the mixing process.

Applications in Industrial Tank Mixing:

P-Belt-Type Side-Entry Mixers cater to a broad spectrum of industrial tank mixing needs. Their installation in petroleum, lubricating, and fuel oil tanks, as well as paraffin and asphalt tanks, exemplifies their adaptability in diverse industrial settings. The mixers, available in wall-mounted and horizontal configurations, prove their mettle in maintaining the integrity of various mediums through efficient agitation.


The introduction of P-Belt-Type Side-Entry Mixers into oil tanks represents a strategic move towards efficiency and quality in diverse industrial applications. Their versatility, cost-effectiveness, and user-friendly design make them a preferred choice for applications in petroleum, lubrication, fuel, paraffin, asphalt, and additive storage tanks. By focusing on optimizing mixing processes, these mixers play a crucial role in enhancing industrial operations. Whether achieving harmonization, heat transfer, homogenization, or preventing sediment accumulation, P-Belt-Type Side-Entry Mixers stand as dependable allies in the pursuit of operational excellence in industrial tank mixing scenarios.

Material of Belt type side entering mixer for storage tank

Structure of Belt type side entering mixer for storage tank

There are various structural forms of side entering mixer on the market. Customers can choose suitable one according to different applications. The transmission of side enter agitator is driven by pulley. Different seals can be selected according to different applications. Such as mechanical seal and packing seal. Different sealing forms can also be combined.

About double support rack side entry mixer: This structure is not complicated. It is mainly composed of motor, reducer, belt, double support rack, mixing shaft, mounting flange, mixing impellers, mechanical seal and so on.

What is the difference between a pusher and a side entry?

The propeller stirrer is generally submerged into the water, such as the use in the pretreatment tank in the biogas project, the mixing and agitation in the sewage treatment plant and the push of the oxidation ditch. The side-in type mixer is mainly used in the reaction tank material agitation, heat diffusion, prevention of material precipitation, etc., such as a biogas reaction tank external side-in mixer.

JiangSu KeHeng Petrochemical & Electrical Machinery Co., Ltd. specializes in manufacturing submersible mixers and biogas reaction tank side-in mixers. Please call us if you have any other inquiries.

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