Swivel Angle Industrial Mixer
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Swivel Angle Industrial Mixer

V-Type Side-entry mixer can be installed in petroleum tank, lubricating tank, fuel oil drum, paraffin tank and some storage tanks for additive and other medium which need to be stirred.
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Introduction of V-Type Side-entry mixer:

KEHENG introduces its innovative Swivel Angle Industrial Mixer, designed to meet the needs of various industrial applications. These mixers offer a unique swivel angle feature that provides exceptional flexibility and efficient mixing solutions.

Key Features:

1. Swivel Angle Design: The Swivel Angle Industrial Mixer is equipped with a specialized design that allows it to be easily adjusted to various angles. This feature is particularly useful in applications where the mixing requirements may change, or when specific angles are necessary to optimize the blending process.

2. Versatility: This mixer can be employed in a variety of industrial settings, including oil tanks, lubricating tanks, fuel oil drums, paraffin tanks, and other storage tanks requiring efficient and customizable mixing solutions.

3. Improved Process Efficiency: The Swivel Angle Industrial Mixer is engineered for enhanced process efficiency. It promotes harmonization, heat transfer, and homogenization of the medium, ensuring a consistent and high-quality end product.

4. Cost-Effective Solution: Utilizing this mixer provides various advantages, including a low initial investment, convenient operation, high energy efficiency, and minimal static electricity generation in the medium. This all contributes to guaranteeing product quality while keeping operational costs in check.

The V-Type Side-entry mixer is a versatile addition to various industrial applications, ensuring that mixing processes are optimized for efficiency and product quality. Its swivel angle design enhances its adaptability, making it suitable for different tank configurations and operational requirements. Whether you are in the petroleum, lubrication, or similar industries, this mixer offers a reliable solution for your mixing needs.

Swing Angle changes of V-Type Side-entry mixer

The variable insertion Angle agitator is used to prevent the accumulation of sediments, and the change of rotation Angle as follows.


Selection of paddle impeller for mixing equipment

Choosing the shape of the blades of the mixing plant is an important step in the design of the agitator. The following is a brief introduction to the selection of the paddle impeller. I hope everyone likes it:

The paddle impeller is the simplest type of agitator. The slender, continuous plate-like blade is welded, riveted on the hub or clamped on the agitator shaft, so the price is low, about 35% to 40% of the mixing equipment is used. This kind of agitator. Usually, there are 3 blades per impeller. The blades can be mounted vertically on the hub, a so-called flat blade. It can also be mounted on the hub at an angle, that is, a so-called folding paddle.

The flow pattern formed by the paddle impeller is similar to that of a turbine impeller, and there are also differences in runoff and axial flow. However, the main function of the blade is to have a strong circulation function, and it is mostly used for the stirring which requires the blade to discharge (circulate) as a main purpose. In the case of the same discharge, the operation cost and power consumption of the folding paddle are slightly better than that of the flat blade. In actual engineering, a large-diameter low-speed impeller is often used, and although the shearing effect is not large, the circulation in the tank is good. Since a large diameter impeller can be used, it can also be used for agitation with a medium viscosity of 50 Pas. At this time, in order to make the upper and lower layers of the tank easy to exchange, a multi-stage impeller having 3 to 5 stages is often used, or lateral blades are mounted on the blades.

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