Powerful Cast Iron Top Entry Mixer Paint And Coatings Mixing
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Powerful Cast Iron Top Entry Mixer Paint And Coatings Mixing

Color: Green, can be customized
Material: 304, 316L, custom-made
Sales mode: Both retail and wholesale
MOQ: 1pc
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Top Entry Mixer for Painting & Coating Mixing


Mixers play an important role in the preparation of paint and coating, which can improve the performance and quality of paint and make the coating effect better.

In paint manufacturing, agitators are used in a wide range of applications.  For example, in paint production, agitators can help mix paint raw materials  and additives to make paints that meet specific paint requirements. In paint  mixing, agitators can help to mix paints of different colors and qualities to  make high-quality paint products. In paint storage, the agitator can help the  paint to maintain a uniform state and prevent the paint from settling.

Product Details

Motor Brand Optional (ABB / SEW / SIEMENS / Domestic high-quality )
Reducer Brand Optional ( SEW / ABB / FALK / REXNORD / Domestic high-quality )
Motor Power 0.37~110KW
Dia. of Shaft 30~500mm
Length of Shaft 200~30000mm
Rotate Speed 0.2~600rpm
Impeller Efficient traditional impeller
Material Carbon Steel, Nickel-base alloy, Duplex-and Super Duplex Steels, Titanium and Titanium alloys, Rubber Coatings, PO, PE, PP, PTFE

8.Paint-&-Coating (1)



The agitator can disperse and homogenize the paint sample to ensure the uniformity and consistency of the sample and provide accurate data for subsequent analysis and testing.

--Paint dispersion

Paint often contains a variety of pigments, fillers and additives and other components, the degree of dispersion of these components directly affects the performance and quality of the paint. The stirrer can fully disperse various components in the paint through high-speed mixing and shearing, improving the uniformity and stability of the paint.

--Emulsion treatment

Some paints need to be emulsified to obtain the desired properties. The stirrer can be used in the emulsification process, through high-speed stirring and shearing, the oil phase and water phase are fully mixed to form a stable emulsion.

--Grinding treatment

For some paints that require fine grinding, a blender can be used during the grinding process. By adjusting the speed and time of the stirrer, the degree and effect of grinding can be controlled to obtain the desired paint particle size and performance.

--Mixing paint

The mixer can evenly mix pigments, solvents, fillers and other components in the paint to achieve the ideal viscosity and texture for easy construction.

Company Information

        JiangSu KeHeng Petrochemical & Electrical Machinery Co., Ltd was founded in 1989. It is a high-tech enterprise, specialized in Professional R&D, Design, Manufacture and Installation. Mainly engaged in Petrochemical Heating Furnace, Waste Heat Recovery System, Power Plant Desulfurization Equipment, Waste Water Treatment System, Mixer etc. Products sold all over China and exported to Southeast Asia, Europe, Africa, The Middle East, Japan, India, Kazakhstan, Turkey, and many other countries.

        KeHeng has Independent R&D center and perfect product testing, inspecting equipment. With years of constant innovation, It has been awarded more than 30 utility model patents and 5 invention patents by the State Intellectual Property Office. So far, KeHeng has become into qualified vendor in supply link of several large enterprises and industry groups, for example, PetroChina, Sinopec, CNOOC etc.

  • Occupying the Market with Product Quality, Gaining the Client with Corporate Reputation

  • Integrity- Our foundation of foothold; Development- The eternal pursuit of KeHeng.




Why Choose US?

  • Product Quality

All of our mixers are manufactured in specialized custom-built facilities to ISO9001 quality standards and used only high quality components in their construction.

  • Custom Design

Our professional technical team will design the most suitable mixer according to your requirement, which can achieve maximum value in use.

  • Project Management

We assign dedicated project managers to ensure that every aspect of manufacturing,assembly and quality control is progressed to meet individual customer specifications.

  • Customer Service

All KEHENG customers will get support and suggestions before and after sales. We help customers use product correctly: PLANINSTALLATIONTRAININGTROUBLE REMOVALMAINTENANCE AND REPAIRSRENOVATION AND MODERMIZATION.



Q: Are you trading company or manufacturer?

A: We are manufacturer. Our factorie is in Jiangsu.

Q: How to customize agitators and mixers?
A: You can send us application parameter or fill out the form that we provided, then we will select or design the product that works best for you and your business.

Q: How long is production lead time?
A: Normally 30 days. If you have particular motor brand to choose, the lead time might vary.  

Q: About the product warranty?
A: Normally, we provide 1-year warranty for the products that have been sold, but we can also provide life-long service when you need it to maintain a long-term relationship with you.


Occupying the Market with Product Quality, Gaining the Client with 

Corporate Reputation




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