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Agitator is a very important tool in flue gas desulfurization process. It can help to mix the desulfurizer and flue gas together, thus improving the efficiency of desulfurization. Agitator is usually composed of motor, reducer, bearing and stirring shaft & impeller, etc., which can adapt to different flue gas desulfurization systems and operating conditions.

Agitator is widely used in flue gas desulfurization process. For example, in wet flue gas desulfurization, agitators can help mix the desulfurizer and flue gas, thus improving the efficiency of desulfurization. In dry flue gas desulphurization, agitators can help to mix and disperse desulphurizer, thus improving desulphurization efficiency.

In short, the application of agitator in flue gas desulfurization is very important. It can help engineers and technicians to optimize and automate the desulfurization process, improve the efficiency and yield of desulfurization. At the same time, the use of agitator can also reduce the amount of desulfurizer, reduce the cost of desulfurization, and make contributions to the cause of environmental protection.

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