explosion-proof top entry mixer for resin solution
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explosion-proof top entry mixer for resin solution

Medium:Crude oil、waste water、FGD、pulp
Power:0.37~110kw,Special can be customized
Brand:SEW、ABB、WEG、Chinese brand
MOQ:1 set
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 Product Description

When it comes to mixing resin, you may want to consider the following factors to choose the right mixer:

Power and speed regulation: Resins typically require high mixing power and speed to ensure thorough mixing. Therefore, you may need to choose a mixer with higher power and adjustable speed function to meet the mixing requirements of the resin.

Material selection: Resins usually have high viscosity and adhesion, so you may want to choose a corrosion-resistant material such as stainless steel or a special coating to prevent the resin from corroding and adhering to the mixer.

Mixing method: Resin mixers usually use different mixing methods, such as spiral mixer, paddle mixer or turbine mixer. You can choose the right mixing method according to the characteristics of the resin and mixing requirements.

Medium Resin solution
Mixer model
Rotating speed 50 RPM
Impeller material SS304,SS316

(The data is for reference only)


 Product Packaging

未封箱          立搅平放已包装

Select the appropriate packaging materials: We will use high strength packaging materials such as wooden boxes or steel frames to protect the resin mixer from damage and contamination. These packaging materials provide good protection and cushioning to reduce the impact of vibration and collisions on equipment during transportation.

Shock-proof and fastening measures: We take shock-proof and fastening measures in the packaging to ensure that the resin mixer remains stable during transportation. This may include the use of shock-proof materials, padding, and lashing to avoid shifting and tilting the device.

Marking and labeling: We will indicate important information such as the model, number and weight of the resin mixer on the package. We will also indicate the vulnerability of the goods and handling precautions to ensure that logistics personnel can properly handle and handle equipment.

Cargo Insurance: We recommend that customers purchase cargo insurance for resin mixers to protect against accidental loss or damage during transportation. We can assist clients in choosing the right insurance plan and provide relevant documents and information.


 Application Video


 Comment & FAQ

Mixing task: First determine the type of material you need to mix and the purpose of mixing. Different types of materials may require different types and powers of mixers. For example, a liquid mixer is suitable for mixing liquids, while a solid mixer is suitable for suspending solid particles in a liquid.

Power and speed: Choose the right mixer power and speed based on your mixing task and material characteristics. Larger containers or viscous materials usually require higher power and speed to achieve full mixing results.

Mixing method: According to your needs, choose the appropriate mixing method. The common mixing methods include spiral mixing, blade mixing, turbine mixing, etc. Each method has its specific application scene and effect.

Material selection: Select the appropriate mixer material according to your material characteristics and hygiene requirements. Common materials include stainless steel, plastic and special coatings. Make sure the material you choose is corrosion resistant, wear resistant and easy to clean.

Safety and reliability: Consider the safety and reliability of the mixer. Make sure the mixer has the necessary safety devices, such as overload protection and emergency shutdown devices. At the same time, choose well-known brands and reliable suppliers to ensure product quality and after-sales service.

Budget and cost effectiveness: Choose the right mixer based on your budget and long-term benefits. It is not only necessary to consider the purchase cost, but also to consider the energy consumption, maintenance costs and life of the equipment.


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