What are the different types of agitators?
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What are the different types of agitators?

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Industrial agitators are crucial components in various manufacturing processes, ensuring efficient mixing of liquids and maintaining product consistency. Two prominent types, Top Entry Agitators and Side Entry Agitators, play pivotal roles in different applications.

Top Entry Agitators

Top Entry Agitators are mounted on the upper part of tanks and vessels, allowing for efficient mixing by creating a downward flow. This design ensures uniform blending of liquids and prevents settling or separation of components.

Applications: Widely used in industries such as chemicals, petrochemicals, and water treatment, Top Entry Agitators are ideal for processes requiring large-scale liquid mixing. They excel in applications where thorough blending and homogeneity are critical.

Advantages: Efficient mixing by reaching the bottom of the tank.

Versatility for various industries and applications.

Customizable for specific requirements.

Side Entry Agitators

Positioned on the side of tanks, Side Entry Agitators are essential where top entry is impractical. They are suitable for large storage tanks and excel in preventing sedimentation and ensuring homogeneity.

Applications: Industries dealing with blending liquids, maintaining homogeneity, and preventing settling, such as chemical processing and wastewater treatment, benefit from the versatility of Side Entry Agitators.

Advantages: Effective blending without the need for top access.

Versatile applications, especially in large tanks.

Prevents settling and ensures consistent mixing.

keheng side entry mixer

KEHENG Side Entry Mixer

keheng top entry tank mixer

KEHENG Top Entry Mixer

Other Agitators:

l Bottom Entry Agitators

Positioned at the bottom of the tank, these agitators are used to create turbulence and mix the contents by pushing them upward.

Applications: Effective mixing in tanks with high viscosity fluids and preventing sedimentation.

l Portable Agitators

These are lightweight and can be moved from one vessel to another. They are often used in small-scale or laboratory applications.

Applications: Mixing small batches of liquids, research, and development.

l Static Mixers

Unlike dynamic mixers, static mixers do not have moving parts. They rely on the arrangement of stationary elements to mix fluids as they pass through.

Applications: Homogenizing fluids, blending additives, and creating laminar flow.


KEHENG - Stainless Steel Tank Agitator Manufacturer

In short words, the selection between Top Entry Agitators and Side Entry Agitators depends on specific industry requirements. Our team of Application Engineers can help you determine a mixer configuration ideally suited for your application. As we say, “it’s not a product, it’s a solution”. Our company has successfully installed thousands of mixers in different climate zones worldwide, and we have consistently met or exceeded our customers expectations in terms of both process and mechanical performance.

KeHeng's expertise in manufacturing stainless steel tank agitators reflects a commitment to quality and innovation, making them a reliable choice for efficient and customized mixing solutions in various industrial applications. As a trusted partner, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive solutions and superior products that meet the ever-evolving needs of the petrochemical industry. By combining cutting-edge technology with our expertise, we continue to contribute to the growth and success of our clients' operations.

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