Water & Wastewater Mixers for Large Tank Top Mounted
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Water & Wastewater Mixers for Large Tank Top Mounted

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Water & Wastewater Mixers for Large Tank Top Mounted by KEHENG are essential equipment in wastewater treatment systems, designed to optimize the processing of large volumes of water and wastewater. These top-mounted mixers are engineered to effectively agitate and homogenize the contents of the tank or basin, playing a vital role in various treatment processes.

In wastewater systems, agitators are used to create a homogeneous mixture, prevent the accumulation of solids, and enhance the breakdown of organic matter. This ensures that the treatment processes run efficiently and effectively. The agitator operates by utilizing a motor to rotate a shaft equipped with paddles or blades, which then stir the contents of the tank.

The top-mounted agitators offer several advantages, including keeping solids in suspension to prevent settling at the bottom of the tank or basin. By creating a rotational flow pattern, they promote thorough mixing and help to prevent the buildup of sludge. This not only improves the overall efficiency of wastewater treatment processes but also aids in operations such as aerobic digestion, chemical dosing, and solids separation.

KEHENG's Water & Wastewater Mixers for Large Tank Top Mounted are a valuable addition to water and wastewater treatment facilities. They are designed to meet the specific needs of these industries, ensuring that the treatment processes are efficient and that the treated water meets regulatory standards. With these top-mounted mixers, you can trust KEHENG to provide reliable and effective solutions for large-scale water and wastewater treatment.


Using this equipment has many advantages, such as :

small investment

convenient operation

high efficiency

low power consumption

low static electricity generated in medium

guarantee product quality.

Agitator Parameter

Motor Brand

Optional ABB / SEW / SIEMENS / Domestic high-quality 

Reducer Brand

Optional ( SEW / ABB / FALK / REXNORD / Domestic high-quality )

Motor Power


Dia. of Shaft


Length of Shaft


Rotate Speed



Efficient traditional impeller


Carbon Steel, Nickel-base alloy, Duplex-and Super Duplex Steels, Titanium and Titanium alloys, Rubber Coatings, PO, PE, PP, PTFE


Occupying the Market with Product Quality, Gaining the Client with 

Corporate Reputation




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