WORLD SMILE DAY | Spread happiness!
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WORLD SMILE DAY | Spread happiness!

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Did you smile today?


World Smile Day, also known as International Smile Day, is celebrated on May 8 every year. As the years passed, founder Harvey Bauer became concerned about the over-commercialization of the smiley logo and how it lost its original meaning and intent in a market that was constantly repeating itself. Out of this concern, he came up with the idea of a "World Smile Day." He believes that we should all dedicate one day a year to smiles and good deeds all over the world. Smiling faces have nothing to do with politics, geography or religion.

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Smile, is the most powerful painkiller cure;

Is the best cosmetics to combat wrinkles;

Is the most beautiful language in the world, in your smile to others, you can also see the world smile to you.

The epidemic has passed and the masks have been taken off. May you bring a smile and meet all the good things!

Hope the smile of Keheng's friends can pass to you a smile from your heart and meet the beauty of the day!

Remember to come back and see the efforts of those who share your smiling faces and bring you happiness!

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