Top entry mixer for chemical reagent tank
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Top entry mixer for chemical reagent tank

Power:0.37~110kw,Special can be customized
Brand:SEW、ABB、WEG、Chinese brand
MOQ:1 set
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Mixer is a common mechanical device used to mix and stir various substances. It is usually composed of a motor, a stirring shaft, a mixing blade and a mixing container. Different models and brands of top entry mixers may differ in features and performance. When selecting a top entry mixer, it is recommended to select the appropriate model and configuration according to the specific application requirements and process requirements.

Product Description

The characteristics of the top entry mixer are as follows:

Compact: The design of the top entry mixer allows it to have a relatively small footprint, suitable for use in limited Spaces. Its axis is at a right Angle to the vertical direction, allowing the blender to better fit inside the container.

Excellent mixing effect: The top entry mixer can provide strong mixing force and shear force through the high-speed rotating mixing blade. This allows the top entry mixer to have excellent results in the liquid mixing, suspension and homogenization process, ensuring the uniformity of the material and reaction efficiency.

Strong adaptability: The top entry mixer can adapt to different types of liquid and powder materials, as well as different process requirements. It can choose different types, sizes and shapes of mixing blades according to needs to meet different application needs.

Easy to operate: The top entry mixer usually has a simple and easy-to-use operating interface and control system. It can realize the precise control of the stirring process by adjusting the parameters such as speed, stirring time and stirring force.

Reliable and stable: Top entry mixers are usually made of strong and durable materials with good structural strength and stability. They are carefully designed and manufactured to operate stably over long periods of time, reducing the likelihood of breakdowns and repairs.

Packaging & Shipping

Wooden box packaging is a common form of product packaging, it is made of wood. Wooden box packaging is a reliable and affordable form of packaging suitable for the transportation and storage of various products.

箱内状态         立式搅拌器电机包装

Our Services

Mixer maintenance is an important step to ensure the normal operation of mixer and extend its service life. Here are some common mixer maintenance problems and solutions:

Mixer can't start: If the mixer can't start, first check that the power supply is properly connected. Make sure the plug is plugged into the correct outlet and check the power cord for damage. If there is no problem with the power supply, it may be that the motor of the mixer is faulty, and it is necessary to contact a professional maintenance personnel to overhaul or replace the motor.

Abnormal noise when the mixer is running: If the mixer makes abnormal noise when it is running, it may be that the mixing blade and the container or other components friction, or the bearing of the mixer has a problem. You can check that the mixing blades are properly installed and secured, and that bearings need lubrication or replacement. If the problem persists, it is recommended to contact a professional maintenance personnel for repair.

Unstable mixer speed: If the speed of the mixer is unstable, there may be a problem with the motor control system or transmission. You can check that the motor controller and transmission are properly connected and clean or replace damaged parts. If the problem persists, it is recommended to seek professional repair services.

Mixer leakage or leakage: If the agitator is leaking or leaking, the seal may be damaged or loose. The seal of the mixer can be inspected and cleaned or replaced. Make sure the seals are tightly connected to prevent liquid leakage.

Mixer wire or power cord damage: If the mixer wire or power cord damage, should immediately stop using, and contact professional maintenance personnel or replace the wire.

Company Information


1. Who are We?

Our company is located in Jiangsu Province, China, established since 1995, the brand enjoys a good reputation in China, overseas sales to Africa (20.00%), Southeast Asia (20.00%), North America (10.00%), Eastern Europe (10.00%), the domestic market (10.00%), Oceania (8.00%), South America (5.00%), (5.00%) in the Middle East, South Asia (4.00%), Western Europe (3.00%), southern Europe (2.00%), east Asia (1.00%), Central America (1.00%).

2. How do we guarantee quality?

(1).There is always a pre-production design before mass production;

(2).Final inspection before shipment;

3. What can you buy from us?

Top entry mixer, side entry mixer, any medium type mixer.

4. Why do you buy from us instead of other suppliers?

(1).39 years of manufacturing and export experience, exported to 50 countries;

(2).ISO 9001:2015, ISO14001:2015, OHSAS 45001:2018 certificate, CE certificate, SGS test report;

(3) 173 PCS national patents;

(4) To provide customers with complete turnkey solutions.

5. What services can we provide?

Acceptable delivery methods :FOB, CIF, EXW, FCA, air freight;

Accepted payment currency: USD, EUR, JPY, AUD, RMB;

Payment methods accepted: T/T, L/C, D/P;

6.Languages: English, Chinese


Occupying the Market with Product Quality, Gaining the Client with 

Corporate Reputation




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