Side Entry Mixer Or Top Entry Mixer – How To Choose?
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Side Entry Mixer Or Top Entry Mixer – How To Choose?

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KEHENG's hot-sale mixers include Side entry mixers and Top entry mixers. They play an important role in industries as diverse as petrochemical, asphalt mixing station, flue gas desulfurization, paint&coating, pulp&paper, wastewater treatment, chemical mixing, food&beverage...


Side Entry Mixer: mounted on the side of the container, have the following advantages:

1. Suitable for large containers: the side-entry mixers can be entered from the side of the container, no need to open a large mounting hole on the top of the container.

2. Good mixing effect: the side-entry mixers usually have a high mixing speed, which can effectively break the vortex and dead angle in the liquid, making the liquid mix more evenly.

Easy maintenance: The side-entry mixer is relatively simple to install and disassemble, making it easy to maintain and replace.


Top Entry Mixer: mounted on the top of the container, has the following advantages:

1. Suitable for high-viscosity liquids: the top-entry mixer can adapt to different viscosities by adjusting the design of the mixing shaft and blade.

2. The mixing shaft is not easy to wear: The mixing shaft of the top-entry mixer does not need to pass through the container wall, so the risk of wear and leakage is low.

3. Small footprint: The installation space of the top mixer is relatively small, which is suitable for the production site with limited space.


How to choose?

When choosing a side-en mixer or a top-in mixer, we take into account the following factors:

1. Liquid characteristics: consider the viscosity, density, corrosion and other factors of the liquid. High-viscosity liquids may be more suitable for top-in agitators, while low-viscosity liquids may be more suitable for side-in agitators.

2. Container size: Large containers may be better suited for side-entry agitators because they do not require large mounting holes in the top of the container.

3. Space constraints: If the production site space is limited, top-in agitators may be a better choice because they have a relatively small footprint.

4. Maintenance requirements: Consider the convenience of maintenance and replacement of equipment. If your production process requires frequent maintenance and replacement of mixers, then side-entry mixers may be more suitable for you.

KEHENG is committed to providing our customers with the most suitable solutions. Our engineers will carefully evaluate according to the engineering requirements. We ensure that our mixers can meet the specific processing needs and ensure the optimal results every time.

To find out more about the pros and cons of side-entry and top-entry mixers, contact KEHENG's sales team for free assessment today:

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