Old customers, new cooperation!
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Old customers, new cooperation!

Views: 0     Author: Angelina Ying     Publish Time: 2023-11-22      Origin: Site


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In mid-November, Keheng once again provided 3 top entry mixer agitators for Chilean customers. This cooperation has deepened the friendship between the two companies once again. At present, the Chilean customer has sent us the latest 3 inquiries.

Looking back at this cooperation, the inquiry began in March, the whole process went through repeated revisions, and finally the final drawing was determined on October 11.

Chilean customers attach great importance to data, but about the motor, reducer, detection, debugging and other data sheets Keheng are trying to provide, and will contact our suppliers at the first time. The cooperation was very smooth this time. It passed the inspection of the inspection company on November 11, and finished the packaging on November 16, got on the car, and sent to the Ningbo warehouse.

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In addition to Chilean customers, Keheng also has customers from Pakistan, Russia, Vietnam, Yemen and other countries, which is the absolute trust of international friends to Keheng.

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