IBC Drum Mixer
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IBC Drum Mixer

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In the realm of fluid processing within IBC containers, the IBC Container Agitator from KEHENG MIXING emerges as a key player. This equipment goes beyond mere mixing; it excels in homogenizing, suspending, and dissolving fluids within IBC containers. The diverse range of electrical agitators offered by KEHENG MIXING stands as a testament to their commitment to providing tailored solutions for various applications.

Versatility in Fluid Processing:

KEHENG's IBC Container Agitators are engineered for a multitude of tasks within IBC containers. Whether it's the homogenization of different fluid components, suspension of solids, or dissolution of substances, these agitators demonstrate unmatched versatility. This adaptability is particularly crucial in industries where precise fluid management is paramount.

Key Features of KEHENG's IBC Container Agitators:

  1. IBC Drum Mixer Variety: KEHENG MIXING offers an extensive range of IBC Drum Mixers to cater to diverse application needs.

  2. Top Entry Excellence: The IBC Drum Top Entry Mixers showcase top-tier performance in fluid processing, ensuring efficient mixing from the container's uppermost point.

  3. Vertical Mixing Precision: For applications requiring vertical mixing dynamics, the IBC Drum Vertical Mixer from KEHENG stands out as a reliable solution.

  4. Industrial-Grade Quality: KEHENG's commitment to quality is evident in their offerings, including Industrial IBC Drum Top Entry Mixers, designed to meet rigorous industrial standards.

  5. Manufacturer Expertise: As a reputable IBC Drum Mixer Manufacturer, KEHENG brings expertise and innovation to the table, ensuring cutting-edge solutions for fluid agitation.

  6. High Efficiency Standards: Efficiency is at the core of KEHENG's IBC Container Agitators. These mixers are designed to deliver high-performance results with minimal energy consumption.

Tailored Solutions for Varied Applications:

KEHENG MIXING recognizes the diverse needs across industries. Their IBC Container Agitators are not one-size-fits-all; instead, they offer a spectrum of solutions, including IBC Drum Top Mounted Mixers, designed to meet specific requirements. This bespoke approach ensures that industries ranging from pharmaceuticals to chemicals find the perfect agitator for their fluid processing needs.

In the ever-evolving landscape of fluid processing within IBC containers, KEHENG's IBC Container Agitators emerge as a reliable and versatile choice. From top entry mixers to vertical agitators, the range caters to various applications, ensuring homogenization, suspension, and dissolution with efficiency and precision. As an esteemed IBC Drum Mixer Manufacturer, KEHENG MIXING not only provides equipment but a commitment to excellence in fluid management. Industries seeking high efficiency and tailored solutions for their IBC container fluid processing can trust in the expertise and quality that KEHENG's IBC Container Agitators bring to the forefront.

Ibc drum mixer Parameter

Application of ibc drum mixer

- Mixers for the chemical industry

- Mixers for pilot plants and research

- Mixers for paints, varnishes and adhesives

- Mixers for the food and beverages

- Mixers for (waste) water treatment, water purification and flocculation

- Mixers for pharmaceuticals and cosmetics

- Mixers for salt and sugar solutions

- Mixers for dyes and pigments


1. Used for mixing the fluid, keeping the fluid from congealing.

2. Precision air motor generates the stable power

3. Easy operating and convenient,flexible moving.

4. Started by low pressure,high flexible

5. Agitating for all kinds of flowing paint

When designing the ibc drum mixer, pay attention to the following points:

1) The basic parameters of the ibc drum mixer, such as power and torque, are determined according to the user's basic parameters such as the degree of agitation, the time of mixing, the nature of the material, and the conditions of the equipment.

2) The basis for the determination is the practical experience and laboratory simulations, and the results obtained by appropriate amplification.

3) As the basis of the design, the ibc drum mixer mixer designer must master and accumulate the performance data of the common mixing impeller and the performance data of its driving device to ensure that the requirements are met.

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