How to maintain the industrial agitator?
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How to maintain the industrial agitator?

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Industrial agitators play a vital role in improving various industrial processes. From mixing and blending to facilitating chemical reactions, these powerful machines are essential for all walks of life. 

After a period of work, the mixer needs regular maintenance, which can ensure that the mixer is more efficient operation, but also to extend the service life. The following share considerations for agitator maintenance.


  • First, the basis of the equipment is that it needs to have sufficient rigidity to ensure that there will be no resonance or sloshing. The maintenance part of agitator mainly includes maintenance of the reducer, that is, it needs to be used and maintained according to the reducer.

  • Second, the blade has not been completely immersed in the liquid. It must not be operated by empty vehicles, so as not to cause danger or damage to the equipment. When the agitator is turned on, if it is found that the equipment has abnormal sound, temperature rise, shaking, etc., it needs to stop immediately to operate, and then check and process. If there is an abnormality, it needs to be dealt with immediately. Every place needs to be checked carefully to see if there is any abnormality.

  • Third, before starting the agitator, the basic bolts must be confirmed first, and each screw is completely fixed. In the case of high-speed or large-capacity agitation and operation, the bottom or middle of the shaft body needs to be installed with a positioning device to reduce the probability of failure caused by the shaft body shaking. It is very important to require the selection of agitator according to different industries, working environments and mixing purposes. Improper selection makes it easy to shorten the use time of the mixer and high failure rate.

Only by mastering the method of maintenance and use of the agitator can the normal operation of the agitator not affect the progress of the construction period. It also extends the life of the mixer and reduces production costs.

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