Customized Agitators for Asphalt Plant
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Customized Agitators for Asphalt Plant

The agitators in an asphalt plant play a critical role in achieving a well-mixed, uniform asphalt mixture with the appropriate temperature and consistency, ensuring high-quality asphalt production.
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Elevate your asphalt production with KEHENG's specialized agitators designed explicitly for asphalt plants. As a leading provider of agitators for asphalt plants, we understand the critical role that efficient mixing plays in the production process. Our custom mixers for large tanks and top-entry agitators are tailored to meet the unique demands of asphalt production, ensuring optimal performance and reliable results.

Our agitators for asphalt plants are engineered to guarantee proper mixing of essential materials, including aggregates, asphalt binder, and other additives. The top-entry design allows for effective blending within large tanks, facilitating a seamless and uniform distribution of components.

  1. Customization: KEHENG takes pride in offering custom agitators designed to meet the specific requirements of your asphalt plant. Our solutions are tailored to your production needs, ensuring precision in every mix.

  2. Optimal Mixing: The primary function of our agitators is to ensure thorough and proper mixing of asphalt materials. This results in a homogenous blend of aggregates and binder, enhancing the quality of your asphalt mix.

  3. Efficiency in Large Tanks: Designed for large tanks, our custom mixers excel in handling the scale of asphalt production. The top-entry agitators efficiently navigate the volume of materials, contributing to an efficient and streamlined process.

KEHENG's Customized Agitators for Asphalt Plants represent a commitment to excellence in asphalt production. With a focus on customization, optimal mixing, and efficiency in large tanks, our agitators stand as a reliable solution for achieving high-quality asphalt mixes. Trust KEHENG to enhance your asphalt plant operations with precision-engineered agitators that redefine efficiency and performance in every mix.


Here are some key aspects of the agitator's function:

  1. Mixing: The agitator is responsible for blending the different components of asphalt, such as aggregates (gravel, sand, and filler materials) and asphalt binder. It ensures a homogeneous mixture by thoroughly combining these materials.

  2. Temperature control: The agitator helps in maintaining the temperature of the asphalt mixture. Asphalt needs to be heated to high temperatures to achieve the desired consistency and workability. The agitator keeps the mixture in motion, preventing localized hot spots or cold areas, thereby promoting uniform temperature distribution.

  3. Preventing segregation: Segregation is the separation of coarse and fine materials within the asphalt mixture. The agitator prevents or minimizes segregation by continuously mixing the materials and avoiding particle settling during transportation and storage.

  4. Homogeneity: The agitator ensures that all particles are uniformly coated with the asphalt binder. This uniform coating enhances the durability and performance of the asphalt mix by providing consistent binding properties throughout the mixture.

  5. Time optimization: Efficient mixing is essential to achieve the desired production rates in an asphalt plant. The agitator facilitates the rapid and thorough mixing of materials, reducing the overall processing time and increasing plant productivity.

Agitator Parameter

Motor Brand

Optional ABB / SEW / SIEMENS / Domestic high-quality 

Reducer Brand

Optional ( SEW / ABB / FALK / REXNORD / Domestic high-quality )

Motor Power


Dia. of Shaft


Length of Shaft


Rotate Speed



Efficient traditional impeller


Carbon Steel, Nickel-base alloy, Duplex-and Super Duplex Steels, Titanium and Titanium alloys, Rubber Coatings, PO, PE, PP, PTFE


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