Anoxic Tank Agitator Top Mounted
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Anoxic Tank Agitator Top Mounted

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In the intricate world of wastewater treatment, the quest for pristine water quality remains paramount. Anoxic tanks are the unsung heroes in this endeavor, diligently working to eliminate pollutants and enhance the overall condition of our water resources. At the heart of these tanks, orchestrating the essential harmony between wastewater and oxygen, are KEHENG MIXERS' Anoxic Tank Top Mounted Agitators.

Our range of agitators includes anoxic tank agitators, mixers, top-mounted agitators, top-entry agitators, and vertical agitators. These purpose-built devices are meticulously engineered to meet the multifaceted demands of wastewater treatment. With a diverse product line, we ensure that every specific need is catered to with precision.

The primary function of an Anoxic Tank Top Mounted Agitator is to facilitate the effective mixing of wastewater and oxygen, a process of paramount importance in the removal of contaminants and the improvement of water quality. By ensuring a homogeneous blend of these components, our agitators create an environment where organic matter is efficiently degraded. This degradation process is the linchpin in reducing the concentration of pollutants, thereby making a substantial impact on environmental conservation.

At KEHENG MIXERS, we comprehend the critical role these agitators play in the realm of wastewater treatment. Our Anoxic Tank Top Mounted Agitators are crafted with innovation and precision to cater to the intricate demands of this crucial task. We take pride in providing solutions that guarantee the efficient operation of anoxic tanks, empowering you to maintain water quality and contribute to sustainable environmental practices.

In a world where clean water is an invaluable resource, KEHENG MIXERS stands as your steadfast partner in the journey towards efficient wastewater treatment. With our Anoxic Tank Top Mounted Agitators, you gain access to the tools necessary to elevate water quality and embrace a cleaner, greener future. Choose KEHENG MIXERS for excellence in anoxic tank agitators and embrace a brighter tomorrow.

Main Features

Complete mixing, high efficiency, low energy consumption and no dead angle.
Simple structure, easy to install and maintain.
Used for various water treatment processes, more superior mixing effect.
Large specific surface area impeller with small motor, more energy saving.

Agitator Parameter

Motor Brand

Optional ABB / SEW / SIEMENS / Domestic high-quality 

Reducer Brand

Optional ( SEW / ABB / FALK / REXNORD / Domestic high-quality )

Motor Power


Dia. of Shaft


Length of Shaft


Rotate Speed



Efficient traditional impeller


Carbon Steel, Nickel-base alloy, Duplex-and Super Duplex Steels, Titanium and Titanium alloys, Rubber Coatings, PO, PE, PP, PTFE





Occupying the Market with Product Quality, Gaining the Client with 

Corporate Reputation




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