46 set high-volume side entry mixers are finishing up
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46 set high-volume side entry mixers are finishing up

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The latest news from Keheng comes~

     In May this year, Keheng's key level sales staff completed the cooperation of a batch of 46 side entry mixers. Throughout June, Keheng's workshop was in full swing to carry out work, and carried out very detailed installation and quality inspection of mixers from the rack to the motor, and then to the seal detection and pressure detection.

     The side entry mixer, which play a vital role in the oil industry, are essential for ensuring optimal blending, mixing, and agitation of fluids within oil tanks. Our team of experienced engineers and technicians worked diligently to select the most suitable mixer for our customers.

     At KEHENG, we offer a range of hot sale mixers and agitators that are designed to meet the needs of different industries. Our high-quality mixers are customizable, allowing us to tailor them to specific processing requirements. Our hot-sale mixers include Top entry mixers agitators, Top entry tank mixers, plenty top entry mixers and so on. We also offer top-loading and bottom-loading mixers, which are suitable for mixing various types of materials, including viscous liquids and solids. Our mixers are designed to work with a range of fluids, including water-like and high-viscosity fluids. They feature robust construction, ensuring reliable performance in demanding applications. Trust KEHENG to provide high-quality, customizable, and reliable hot sale mixers and agitators that deliver optimal performance every time.

     Now, 46 side entry mixers are in the final stages of decorating and painting, and some day at the end of June, they will be delivered to the buyer, the start of their 50 years of work.

     If you want to know the service life of the mixer, welcome to consult ~

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