15kw top entry mixer agitator for sulfur tank
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15kw top entry mixer agitator for sulfur tank

Medium:Crude oil、waste water、FGD、pulp
Power:0.37~110kw,Special can be customized
Brand:SEW、ABB、WEG、Chinese brand
MOQ:1 set
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Keheng mixer can provide mixing services for different media/medium, such as chemical reagents (potassium permanganate, ammonium perchlorate, sodium chlorate), petroleum crude oil, minerals, slaking lime, cosmetics, etc., as well as substances with high viscosity and high pH. For different substances, we will carry out different designs and test calculations.


Product Description

Keheng top entry mixer is composed of motor, reducer, coupling, solid shaft/hollow shaft, impeller, frame, mounting flange and other components. It has the characteristics of stability, durability and energy saving. The average service cycle of Keheng agitator is 15 years, during which only regular inspection, maintenance, and replacement of seals if necessary are required.


Packaging & Shipping

About the packaging process of Keheng mixer, it is mainly two processes of protecting parts and overall packaging. As a rule, the clients will use our usual packing method of wooden cases. During the packaging process, the workers will fix the mixer in the wooden box, and all the parts, such as the shaft and impeller, as well as spare parts, are fixed in the wooden box, and the surface is covered with a layer of PC film to prevent moisture. Finally, the wooden box is sealed and sprayed with attention mark.

立式搅拌器电机包装       立搅平放已包装


Since its establishment in 1995, Keheng has accumulated all the way and now has 173 national patents. Including top entry mixer device, high viscosity medium mixer, side entry mixer, side entry mixer with crushing effect, belt type side entry mixer, internal flushing type water filter, auxiliary support type side entry mixer, top entry high viscosity medium mixer, petrochemical tail gas incinerator burner, etc. And a wide variety of impellers are patented.

Company Information

Keheng mixer is produced by JiangSu KeHeng Petrochemical & Electrical Machinery Co., Ltd. The company was founded in 1995, formerly known as Jiangyin Petrochemical Power Machinery Factory, founded in 1989. The company is located in the east of China, located in Xinqiao Town, Jiangyin City, Jiangsu Province, which is a famous developed industrial area and garden city in Jiangsu Province, 150 km from Shanghai Pudong International Airport and 100 km from Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport.


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