Take notice when using a side entry agitator

Referring to the side entry mixers, in fact, everyone is very familiar with it. For example, when we drink freshly ground coffee, the coffee machine is actually a small side entry mixers. Since the purpose of side entry mixer is mixing and crushing, most of them need to be energized, so pay attention to it when using it.


There are two points we must take notice when using a side entry agitator. First of all, do not touch the running side enter mixer with your hands. The impellers of side entry mixers are made of metal. They are very sharp and fast once they start working. If you touch them with your bare hands, you will hurt yourself. Therefore, when you find any problem with mixing medium, please turn off the power and make sure the impellers have completely stopped running.


Secondly, do not touch the surface of side enter mixer with wet hands. Metal surface is easy to get an electric shock with wet hands. It is very dangerous.


Post time: Dec-23-2019
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