Side-entry mixer application

Side entry mixers are widely used in environmental protection,biogas fermentation, power plant desulfurization, petrochemical large storage tanks, paper making, construction and other industries. Using side enter agitators can achieve the purpose of good heat transfer,uniform mixing and effective prevention of sedimentation.

Biogas fermentation: Stirring the fermentation raw materials and biogas microorganisms. Making them fully mixed and get uniform contact. This can ensure fermentation raw materials and biogas microorganisms keep normal fermentation and increase gas production rate. Also preventing raw materials from being divided and precipitated.

Flue gas desulfurization: It is mainly used in a large vessel such as a slurry tank and an absorption tower for agitation of slurry. Using side enter agitator can prevent sedimentation of the suspension.

Other tank applications: such as large crude oil storage tanks, lubricating oil storage tanks, edible oil storage tanks, etc.


Post time: Dec-10-2019
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