Side enter mixer for absorption tower

The environmental desulfurization industry has accumulated a lot of experience. The whole process is very encouraged by the state. In the whole process of environmental desulfurization, the most important thing is the side mixing equipment of the absorption tower. Let me introduce you to the situation of the side entry agitator equipment.

In the absorption tower, the smoke gas is moving up, the lime water is dripping down, and the crystal of calcium sulfate is formed during the process of leaching. It will form a solid-liquid mixture at the bottom of the entire absorption tower, which is a very hard crystal. The tank is large, and to ensure that it does not precipitate at the bottom of the tank, it is necessary to match the side entry mxier for mixing.

The advantages of the side-in mixer:

1.lower energy consumption than top entry mixers;

2.The most important point is that the mechanical seal inside the side agitator is a very critical part. The mechanical seal has a water flushing structure and has a fulcrum of the bearing. In addition, it is a radial small spring with a double end. The mechanical seal makes the process of desulfurization of the smooth, reduces the energy consumption and ensures the uniformity of the material. In addition, the design of the side entry agitator is a design with no fulcrum frame. It runs very stable.


Post time: Oct-10-2019
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