Application of chemical mixer in sewage treatment

The chemical mixer is widely used in waste water treatment. It is safe and simple to operate. It is also very safe to implement full automation control. As long as there is on-site technicians for simple training, it can be easily controlled.

In the sewage treatment process, sludge treatment is a very important part. Just like the excretion in a digestive system of the human body, if the metabolism of waste materials is not completed in time, it will affect the normal physiological functions of the whole body. Sludge treatment is a difficult problem in the current sewage treatment process, especially the start of sewage treatment business is relatively late. In order to speed up the process of water pollution control, the emergence of sludge dewatering equipment that can better solve the sludge treatment problem. Chemical mixers solve problems for workers working in the sewage treatment line.


Post time: Dec-02-2019
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